Our Inspiration

At Pure and Balanced, we ask ourselves these questions:

“How can we inspire others?”
“How can we make a difference?"

Who doesn’t want to come to work everyday and feel that they’ve made a lasting impression on others? Our work just so happens to be in the world of health and beauty. However, we didn’t want to simply offer the standard products which often aren’t up to par in terms of ingredients. We know our customers deserve better. This video was a big inspiration to our company as it talks about the progression of how toxins and chemicals entered our homes and lives and how it just takes small action to make a difference. Sadly, people have become accustomed to certain tainted products, not blinking an eye at the long list of harmful ingredients they are now exposed to daily. We want to change that story. We want to be that friend mentioned in the video below, that encourages changes in the direction of health, with emphasis on better ingredients and elimination of others. It’s a journey for us all, but small changes in the end do add up to huge differences, or rather a movement towards health advocacy. We are here to support you in that movement and do our best to provide you with products that are in alignment with this mission.